Chemco (Ireland) Ltd

About This Project

This facility, comprising a number of separate buildings on a 14.5-acre green-field site, is an expansion to an existing business, which operates as an essential part of the supply chain for the microprocessor and FDI industries in Ireland. The primary business in the facility is the storage and distribution of a wide range of essential chemicals, many of which are extremely hazardous, volatile, or explosive.  The facility is designed in compliance with COMAH and Seveso 2 (Major Accidents Directive) and is the only such facility in the country.


The buildings, mainly of steel frame construction with 13.2m high parapets; external cladding of Rockwool insulated panels; Kingspan Roofing; AOVs; intumescent paint; Dock Ports and docks; sectional doors; fire-rated Roller shutters; FM2 warehouse (jointless) floors; cast-in-situ kerbs; precast bunding; stainless steel channel drains. The buildings (all temperature-controlled) comprise:

  • Building A (800m2) – Plant storage and maintenance; steel frame construction.
  • Building B (2,600m2) – Flam Store; ATEX- rated building; precast concrete frame; Valve Room; Chill Store; Freezer / Cold Store with heater mat and screed; Clean Room.
  • Buildings C, D, E and Annexes (6,750m2) – Materials storage: dip-tube operations,: Clean Rooms; MHE Area;
  • Precursor Building (170 m2) of masonry and concrete with 40 individual fire-rated compartments, each with: underfloor heating; steel fire-rated doors: and fire-rated fusible –link controlled vents.
  • Operations Office (625m2) – Steel frame: architectural cladding: integrated glazing; internal floor, wall, and ceiling finishes; fittings.
  • Control Centre (120m2). Steel frame over cast-in-situ, tanked, basement structure; architectural cladding; integrated windows; internal finishes; fittings.
  • Plant Rooms (isolated) – ESB Substation / MV Room; LV Room; Mechanical Plant Room; Sprinkler Pump Room.


The entire site area was developed; levels reduced; perimeter fencing; 9 sets of gates, including automated cantilever entrance gates and barriers.

A significant part of the siteworks was the installation of the drainage and containment system.  In order to comply with HSA COMAH regulations and EPA requirements the containment system was designed and installed to ensure that any spill incident or major event would be contained within the confines of the site.

In order to achieve this the containment system included:-

  • HDPE pipework (diameters from 160mm to 450mm, with electro-fusion jointing.
  • HDPE intercept chambers; pH chambers; pump sumps.
  • Precast containment chambers with SikaGard 6N coatings.
  • Petrol interceptor and silt traps.
  • 1900m3 capacity Pluvial Attenuation Tank
  • 2800m3 capacity Lagoon, lined with HDPE, in two compartments to contain spillages and contaminated firewater.
  • A bunded ISO Tank yard with chemical resistant concrete.
  • The entire system was controlled with epoxy-coated butterfly valves; pH sensors; pump sets; level sensors; and associated controls linked to BMS.

The site was fully serviced with water mains, gas services, sprinkler main, CWS, power ducting, and LV/ Comms ducting.  Surface finishes are primarily of 200mm thick concrete to yards and roads – total area of approximately 12,000m3.